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Why T-Mobile 5G?

• Nation’s Largest 5G
• Customer Service in Powell!
• Most Everyone Saves Money!
• Faster Speeds
• Unlimited Data
• Specials Deals Every Day!
• More Features!

T-Mobil Coverage Area

T-Mobil is ensuring rural America has greater access to the latest products, services, and technology. That’s why we’re expanding our 5G network to bring fast, reliable, and affordable home internet and wireless service to small towns across the country.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of wireless technology. See how 5G is providing unmatched speed and capacity, transforming everyday experiences, and connecting our lives in groundbreaking ways.

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As a licensed retailer of T-Mobil, Mountain West Computer in Powell brings you 5G T-Mobil service. Get the latest phones, home internet, unlimited data, all with our hometown service.

And get it all with unmatched speed and capacity! Our techs have seen speeds up to 11X faster in internal testing.

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